Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I’ve heard people speculate about what it must have been like living in New York for days without power.  Well, now I know. 

My dear friend, author and filmmaker, Teri McLuhan, lives in a ten-apartment brownstone on East 19th Street in lower Manhattan which was without power for days.  I was quite worried about her and finally got an email from her.  This is her experience in her own words.

Dearest George,

So many thanks for your emails but especially for your loving concern. I have just returned from Vancouver where my movie was launched --- the West Coast premiere!!!
Yes, I was here in New York for the worst of it. 5 days and nights without ANY power (no cell, no internet, no heat, no hot water etc.etc.). Very cold. And pitch dark; really dark. I was the only person left in my bldg --- a small brownstone with 10 apt. units. Everyone got out as things got worse and worse. I'm on the very top --- 97 steps up no elevator!
I managed to get a flight out late Friday night, the 2nd, to make it in time for the Saturday Nov. 3rd screening event. A Budweiser truck got me to the airport (a fab story)! Buses and taxis were in very short supply --- especially in lower Manhattan where I live. This huge Bud truck dropped from the sky. In other words, it had no business being there!!!!!! Everything was shut tight.
So I will say that I am blessed; truly blessed. And --- I will be better prepared for the next round.
More soon.
Sending love,

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