Tuesday, November 13, 2012



Faith is impossible to define, yet everyone knows what it is.  Faith is believing in something you can’t see, touch, hear or feel yet know is there.  What faith means to me is not quite the same as what it means to you.  What I feel will always be at least a little different from what you feel.

No one wants to be told what to believe.  It can’t be done anyway, although many will try.  Faith is an intensely private thing, the essence of which is personal and sublime.  It can carry the spirit soaring above the mundane.  It  can envelope debilitating stress in a healing calmness, bring solace and consolation in times of grief and can give sheltering succor when there is no other place to go.  It can inspire those who tremble in doubt and uncertainty to extremes of courage and dedication.

To me faith is more about what is felt than what is written, what I instinctively believe more than what is prescribed.

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